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Be a part of the growing market for renewable biodiesel fuel. With the state of our oil crisis, there is a serious demand for raw crop oil production support increasing demand for your harvest.

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Boiodiesl fuel provides a cost-effective, domestic alternative to importing foreign oil with soybean, rice, and jatropha crop+. Over the years, this country has increasingly relied on foreign crude as well as foreign crops. We hope to change this trend by encouraging domestic farming of biodiesel producing crops.

Spurred by hopes of increased soybean demand leading to higher commodity prices, many farmers are filling up their equipment with a blend of petroleum and biodiesel.

Most popular, domestic crops utilized:

  • Soybean, standard biodiesel crop in the U.S. yields 48 gallons per acre.
  • Rice yields 88 gallons per acre. With the growth of the biodiesel market, AgriBioFuels LLC is working with local Texas farmers to produce rice once again. In the past, it was cheaper to purchase rice from foreign companies. Now AgriBioFuels is looking for farmers with this product to help them produce this renewable fuel locally allowing them to compete with the global market.
  • Jatropha yields 435 gallons per acre. Without an agricultural method to farm, this product is difficult to produce but has lasting benefits. Currently, Texas A&M is studying this feed for better utilization. The Jatropha plant is resistant to drought and can be planted in desert climates thriving on practically any soil. As this is much like a weed, animal stock will not eat it; another benefit.
  • Palm, Canola Oils
  • Chinese Tallow. Much like Jatropha, Chinese Tallow is also a weed. We are working with Texas A&M Research Center to for potential crops. With a high oil yield, up to 500 gallons per acre, while growing well in Texas, we hope to utilize this promising weed.

Benefits to you:

  • Lower fuel price
  • Less reliance on government subsidies
  • Higher crop prices
  • Cleaner fuel
  • Lead the charge to reduce our dependence on foreign oil.

For Terminal & Blender Operators


AgriBioFuels, LLC, has designed new technology that will lower the cost of fuel and therefore your production costs.

Foreign crude oil is a political and economic topic requiring sensitive planning and coordination. With the increased price of crude oil, many fleet and government agencies are beginning to demand more biodiesel mix with crude to offset our dependence on foreign oil and help stay the price of gas. We believe that auto and fleet manufacturers are moving toward this trend and therefore we want to offer you a more effective method.

The 2005 Energy Policy Act has created a domestic renewable fuels consumption requirement of 4 billion gallons per year by 2008 and 8 billing by 2012. Biodiesel can be used in any diesel engine without modification to the engine.

Benefits to You:

  • Tax Credits. The American Job Creation Act of 2004 provides tax credits for biodiesel fuels produced between Jan. 1, 2005 and Dec. 31, 2006. The legislation provides a tax credit of 50 cents for each gallon of non-virgin biodiesel used as fuel and a credit of $1 per gallon for agri-biodiesel. For example, an agri-biodiesel mixture of 20% biodiesel would be labeled as B-20 and receive a 20 cents per gallon tax credit.
  • Lower fuel price
  • Cleaner fuel
  • Lead the charge to reduce our dependence on foreign oil.
  • Increased lubricity for ultra-low sulfur diesel fuels.

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