Clean burning, renewable fuel
Invest your U.S. dollars in BioDiesel

Business Men WalkingAgriBioFuels is committed to helping the United States achieve energy independence. We will do this by becoming a significant biodiesel producer utilizing feedstock flexibility and high production output, resulting in low costs and competitive advantage.

In addition, we will support the growth of vibrant new agricultural markets in the areas where we do business. For example, for every job in the farm economy related to crop production, there are an additional 3.6 jobs created in the biodiesel infrastructure. AgriBioFuels will be an employer of choice and a favored corporate citizen in the areas where we do business.


   High Fuel Prices

The price of gasoline and diesel fuel in the United States is driven largely by the increasing demand for the limited world supply of crude oil resougas prices, agriculture, beakers, busesrces by developing countries.  

Coupled with increased volatility from unpredictable market factors such as natural disasters and political unrest, it seems unlikely that conventional energy costs will decline significantly without the introduction of new, widely available alternatives. In response, there is now widespread public and political support for developing alternative, renewable domestic energy supplies.

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